Ever wish you could rent a carnival for a day or that a traveling fair would come to your town or county? The tradition of hosting a fair or festival in your area all starts by connecting with trusted midway entertainment professionals like NAME. We provide world class carnival rides, games, food and more to county fairs, state fairs, and even school or church events.

From years in the midway business, we know that a great fair is one of the most memorable and joyous events for a community. We’re here to offer our knowledge and resources to make bringing a traveling carnival to your town simple and successful. When you become a partner of NAME, you get the benefit of a full carnival rental package for an effortless fair experience.

We work closely with each of our carnival partners to understand their grounds, restrictions and requirements, and the vision they have for their traveling fair. From there we can develop a plan that will bring all the right elements to your event.


Some of our most popular and iconic rides include the ferris wheel and carousel, often must-haves for our fair partners. They are visually striking additions to your event and offer family-friendly fun to all visitors. Check out our Giant Wheel  and Super Wheel to get an idea of which ferris wheel would fit your event.

The fun doesn’t stop with our classic fair ride rentals though. We’ve spent years carefully choosing and building an inventory of more than 200 carnival rides our partners can choose from. With a variety of thrillers like the Mega Drop and the Tornado, to an array of kiddie rides to please the young and young at heart, there’s something for everyone. We’ll suggest our fan favorites to you and talk through all of the options available for your carnival rental.

Build Your Carnival


From funnel cake and blooming onions to kettle corn and big cups of freshly squeezed lemonade, what’s not to love about fair food? Pair that with everyone’s favorite games like water gun shoot-outs, whac-a-mole, and ring toss and you’ve got entertainment around every corner. Fair goers exploring the grounds will love the multitudes of beloved food options and classic fair games we provide for our carnival rentals.

You can check out some of the individual fair games for rent  and a few of our favorite carnival food stands as you shape a vision for your community’s traveling fair.


One of the questions we get asked most often when forming new partnerships for carnival rentals is how will we run all these rides and games? We want your choice to rent a carnival from NAME to imply a smooth and uncomplicated experience so we staff every element of our carnival rentals. From setup and breakdown to game operation and food stall sales, our team of trained midway professionals will take care of it. This ensures the safety of your visitors and the reliable operation of our rides.

All personnel are thoroughly screened and fully trained. Each employee receives extensive training to ensure they are competent to perform their duties. This training also exists to ensure their performance is consistent with our customer service standards. Finding experienced midway staff is one less thing you need to worry about when partnering with us for your next midway event.

We’re so proud of the people that make up the NAME team and we encourage you to learn more about our staffing program

We believe in strong, long term relationships with all sizes and types of events. Together we can create positive experiences for your community that will last a lifetime. Our Business and Event Development office is ready to assist you. We would love to start new partnerships with your fair, festival or event! Take the first step and contact Lynda Franc, Corporate Marketing Director.


Each year we take our traveling carnival across the United States and Canada to bring rides, games, and food to our fair partners. If you’re curious about where we’re headed this fair season or want a chance to visit one of our traveling fairs, make sure to check out our upcoming events.