Tips to Maximize Your Midway Memories

  • Wear comfortable shoes: Guests are not allowed to wear open-toed shoes for safety reasons.
  • Factor in weather: For your safety, certain rides may close during sever weather and reopen as soon as possible. Concessions and games will remain open unless conditions are extremely severe. All tickets and wristbands are non-refundable and we do not issue rain checks.
  • Know wristband details: Wristbands are non-transferable and non-refundable. Please make certain that you safeguard your wristband as it cannot be replaced.
  • Come prepared for the unexpected: Pack sunscreen, an umbrella and appropriate clothing in case the weather suddenly turns wet or unseasonably warm or cool.
  • Secure all loose articles: Items such as keys, cell phones, wallets and other items can get lost during rides. We are not responsible for items lost on our midway, so be sure to keep these in a safe place.
  • Lost items: You can find lost items that have been turned in at Guest Services. We encourage guests to leave valuables at home and to always secure keys, cell phones and wallets during the ride.
  • Lost children or parents: If you become separated from your parents, children or friends during your visit to our midway, please go to Guest Services or the Midway Office as they are in contact with the police and security personnel at the fair as well as all managers on the midway.
  • Guest with disabilities: We welcome guests with special needs and we want to help make your day a comfortable and memorable one. Please see Guest Services to find out what services we offer.
  • First aid: There is a first aid or medic station at each of our events. Please see Guest Services or a member of our management team to find the nearest location.
  • Selfie sticks: You are not allowed to use any “selfie sticks” or photo arms while on our midway rides or attractions. This is to ensure the safety of all guests. Instead, you should leave your selfie sticks with a non-rider or they should be secured with other loose articles. Guests who do not comply with this policy may be subject to dismissal without a refund.

We’ve talked a lot about Guest Services here, typically you can find their set up along the midway with the food and game booths. A telltale sign is that all staff in the booth will be wearing white North American Midway Entertainment shirts. To help you out a little more, we’ve included what a typical Guest Services booth looks like.



Safety Rules and Size Wize

In order to get the most out of your midway experience there are some important rules to follow to keep it safe and fun! Look at our safety rules and Size Wize Guidelines below to get started. You play a critical role in making your experience the best it can be.

Please be advised that children under 42” may be required to ride some of the rides with a paying adult.

Our Rides

  • For your safety, all rides at North American Midway Entertainment have height requirements.
  • Follow all posted signage and please listen to the instructions given by the ride operator at all times.
  • Remain seated and restrained and keep your arms, legs and head inside the ride at all times.
  • Remove all loose articles, such as sunglasses, cell phones, hats, open-toed shoes and jewelry that may have the potential to fall off during the ride. We are not responsible for lost articles.
  • No selfie sticks – You are not allowed to use selfie sticks or photo arms on our Midway. Instead, you should leave your “Selfie Sticks” with a non-rider or secured with other loose articles. If there are guests that do not comply with this policy, they may be subject to dismissal without refund.

If you have any questions while visiting our Midway, please visit our onsite Guest Services or offices.

Size Wize

Employee Helping Kid Measure Height Requirements for Midway Rides

Save time by measuring your child in advance at our Size Wize measuring charts located near our ticket sales. Once you have the correct measurement, look for the Size Wize signs posted at each ride to ensure your child meets the requirements. This will also help with determining which ticket package you will want to purchase.

Well, there you have it. Those are our main rules and tips so that you can maximize your midway memories. Keep in mind that our staff will inform you of any additional safety rules to ensure that your experience is the absolute best it can be. We look forward to seeing you on our midway!