From Thrill Rides to Kiddie Rides, Our Carnival Rides Can’t Be Forgotten

North American Midway Entertainment is continuously updating and expanding our inventory of rides to make sure that your midway experience is outstanding year after year. We work on curating the best kiddie rides for the young and the young at heart because we know that the childhood memories are the ones that keep our guests coming back.

NAME is the industry leader in safety standards with an unmatched 5 tier safety inspection process and bi-annual comprehensive non-destructive testing (NDT) for every single one of our rides. You can learn more about our commitment to safety by visiting the “Our Commitment” page.






The entire family will love a ride on this double-decker carousel from premier ride manufacturer, Chance Rides. The entire Merry Go Round is a menagerie of zebras, elephants, rabbits and some spinning bowls for the fearless. The whirling and twirling of the bowls is an exceptional experience on the ground floor. For guests who want a bird’s eye view of the midway, the double-decker top floor of this exquisite Merry Go Round offers a wonderful sight of all that the fair has to offer. The inspired lighting throughout the ride sets the mood for a romantic experience.

The ride is 40 feet round and a soaring 34 feet tall that features 76 seats in a stunning setting. The new Double-Decker Merry Go Round is much more than a ride, it’s more of a feature midway showpiece.

The Double-Decker Merry Go Round is brand new to North American Midway Entertainment and we are proud to offer this new showpiece on our Midway or at your event.


Have no fear, this wild spinning coaster is for all coaster lovers and fun seekers of all ages. There will be plenty of screaming and laughter as fair goers freely spin, drop and pivot on the hairpin-turn tracks. Depending on the weight and distribution of the riders in each car, no ride is exactly the same, ensuring a new and exciting experience for each time you ride the Crazy Mouse. Reaching heights of over 40 feet on the 1300 foot and twisting and dropping track at a maximum speed of 30 mph, this spectacular state-of-the-art coaster is unlike any other amusement ride.


In 2019 was the premier of the Super Wheel – the new NAME Ferris Wheel towers above the midway at a breath taking 150 feet or 46 meters. The wheel is manufactured in Europe by Ronald Bussink of Professional Rides AG and travels on 20 tractor trailer loads. This Rolls Royce of Ferris Wheels features 36 climate-controlled gondolas that comfortably seats 4 to 6 guest per gondola and provides a luxurious and smooth rides coupled with unparallel views of the fairgrounds.


We also ensure that we have an exceptional number of spectacular rides. In 2019, we added the Star Dancer to our catalogue which wows riders and spectators with it’s over-the-top spinning motion. As the Star Dancer’s claw begins to spin, the giant pendulum swings back and forth gaining momentum with each swing until it loops all the way around 360 degrees and reaching heights of over 70 feet. The Star Dancer manufactured by Technical Park of Melara, Italy is a world leader in Outdoor Amusement Rides. The state of the art light package and high ride capacity of 16 seats per ride will prove to be a giant addition to North American Midway’s arsenal of great thrill and family rides.

If you would like to learn more about how you can have one of these rides at your next event, visit our rentals page or contact us here.