For the biggest and best midway thrill rides, look no further than North American Midway Entertainment! Our midway boasts the largest inventory and selection of super spectacular rides in North America. From spinning to reaching new heights we have your excitement covered! 

Here are a few of our fan favorite Thrill Rides:

midway thrill ridesFreak Out: This giant pendulum masterpiece swings riders up to 127 degrees while revolving at a speed of up to 15 rpm’s.
midway thrill ridesSpeed/Mach 3: The arm is just over 100 feet long with two sets of seats mounted at the end of each arm, back to back. Each four-seat assembly can swing 360 degrees. The arm rotates at up to 13 revolutions per minute, producing an acceleration of 3.5Gs on the riders!
midway thrill ridesMega Drop: Shoot up into the sky on this 130 foot tower of power and feel the power as you plummet back to earth in less than two seconds.
midway thrill ridesCrazy Mouse: Have no fear on this wild spinning coaster. This is for all coaster lovers and fun seekers of all ages. There will plenty of screaming and laughing as riders freely spin, drop and turn at heights more than 40 feet. You’ll be soaring high and zooming across the 1,300 foot twisting and dropping track at 30 mph.

Come visit us at any North American Midway Entertainment event to experience these and our other fine Midway Thrill Rides!