Our Midway is filled with tons of rides, games and food! We provide quality family entertainment year round to more than 15 million fun seekers in the United States and Canada. As a result, we have over 200 rides for fans and we are adding more each year to make sure that our guests have the best Midway experience possible! This year’s additions include the Star Dancer and the Double Decker Merry Go Round. 

Star Dancer

The Star Dancer is a super spectacular ride that wows riders and spectators alike with it’s over the top spinning motion. As the Star Dancer’s claw begins to spin, the giant pendulum swings back and forth gaining momentum with each swing until it loops all the way around 360 degrees and reaching heights of over 70 feet. Plus, the state of the art light package and high ride capacity of 16 seats per ride will prove to be a giant addition to North American Midway’s arsenal of great thrill and family rides.    

Double-Decker Merry Go Round

The Double-Decker Merry Go Round takes the classic carousel and brings it to the next level. For generations, the Midway Carousel has been one of the most magical and cherished rides for all ages, including to parents and grandparents. The entire family will love a ride on this double-decker carousel from Chance Rides filled with a menagerie of Zebras, Elephants and Rabbits and some spinning bowls for the fearless. Additionally, the whirling and twirling of the bowls is an exceptional experience on the ground floor. For guests who want a bird’s eye view of the Midway the double-decker top floor of this exquisite Merry Go Round offers a wonderful impression of all the fair has to offer.

For the best midway rides, games and food, look no further than North American Midway Entertainment! 

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