We are Midway Professionals

Web GWe are committed to the amusement industry and staff highly-educated people with a wealth of midway and outdoor event experience. We execute all details of the contracted commitments and are active in all aspects of the midway operations. Our team strongly believes in positive working relationships. We are dedicated to safety and innovation in the amusement industry and currently have the highest number of safety personnel on any traveling Midway.

We employ quality people whether it is on a ride or in a food or game stand. All personnel are thoroughly screened and fully trained. Each employee receives extensive training to ensure they are competent to perform their duties and to ensure their performance is consistent with our customer service standards.   Training encompasses not only their specific duty assignment but also customer service standards, overall midway safety and proper conduct on and off-duty. Ongoing training and professional development is provided through a number of different formats including internal and external training programs.

group 2014Our entire program is re-enforced with our award winning “Magnificent Employee” incentive program, where employees are rewarded for following company policies and for going beyond the expected. This award program has become the background of our entire customer service program.

Our goal is to attract and retain quality and competent staff who provide world class service at each and every venue day after day; week after week; and year after year.