To provide a safe family environment, safety is our number one priority! We have adopted one of the most, if not the most, forkliftstringent policies toward ride safety in the amusement ride industry.

Safety Policies:

  • On-site Safety Coordinators who work closely with state and local authorities to ensure all rides pass and exceed inspections and examinations.
  • Our program encompasses bi-annual comprehensive non-destructive testing (NDT) for every single ride in the company inventory.

our peopleOur staff is dedicated to safety and innovation in the amusement industry. We are always in search of new challenges, and always looking for new growth opportunities. We are driven to exceed our standard of excellence each and every year.

We strive to create a positive first impression among all our guests. Our exceptional showmanship is instantly evident; from being welcomed by our impeccably uniformed employees, to receiving directions from our conveniently located Guest Services or Offices.

We are the industry leader in customer service. Whether the guest is six, sixteen or sixty, they experience an unforgettable journey on our midway, a journey that creates extended stays, positive comments, and repeat business. Our signature customer service training program ensures a satisfying and memorable midway experience for every visit of all ages, young and old alike.

guest-servicesWe are also heavily involved in the communities we visit and various philanthropic organizations.